When you watch the world backwards it is a montage of broken vases that put themselves back together, wounds that sew themselves closed with no evidence of scar, and balloons that charmingly drift into the hands of children.

When you watch the world backwards all the tragedies are happy endings.

When you watch our story backwards it is a tragedy. Two people with big smiles that aren’t afraid of the dark go looking for the things they already have. They gradually peel each other apart and strip themselves corrupt until they simultaneously self destruct. That is how I know we are grand: the present is even better than when it was just the future, living in our plans.

I write my poems backwards, always with the endings in mind, and you speak like backwards is the way you learned to say “hold me,” and “help me,” and “tell me it’s alright,” but it’s alright. I’ve got a chip in my brain specifically designed to turn your backwards words right. I know all your nuances and all the grains of sand in your socks, and when these eyes are our glass prison, we throw rocks.

There aren’t that many things that tie strings to us now, but whenever they come for us again, and they will, we’ll pick up our battle worn pots and pans and sit on the porch together.
"Let them come," we’ll say, "let them come."
Because liars can’t tell their lies backwards, a fake memory only knows itself face first; there’s no reflection in the pool of tears. They’re lying, and we’ve seen it, so let them come hostile in hoards and handfuls and herds.
Their ending only looks like ours, backwards.

April 2nd, 2014
2/30 NaPoWriMo

"The terror of performing never goes away. Instead you get very, very comfortable being terrified."
                      - Eric Whitacre (via regurgitatedrebellion)



Machine Porn

I like how some of these are kinetic sculpture and some of these are practical and they are all really satisfying to watch


i like girls who look like they kill people for a living


"Music makes things hurt less."
                      - Tyler Joseph (via monsterommmnom)